Signal is a duo consisting of saxophone and trombone - euphonium.

After several years of collaborations and performances sharing stage in different chamber music groups and festivals, like ZeitRäume Basel, Impuls Academy Graz, Nachtstrom Basel or New Studios Concerts at the Musik Akademie Basel, the saxophonist Alejandro Oliván and the trombonist Adrián Albaladejo, both residents in Basel, decided to start a new project as a duo.

Duosignal has a solid and extended repertoire, from transcriptions of early music until new compositions using electronics and video. For Duosignal, each concert has a different meaning, and they adapt his repertoire in order to explote the possibilities of the room space, the timing and the context. One of the most important objectives of the duo is the creation of new music for this instrumentation through the collaboration with young composers.