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Duo Signal

We are a chamber music group formed by saxophone (Alejandro Oliván) and trombone (Adrián Albaladejo) with a determined commitment to the performance, creation and diffusion of new repertoire.

Since our inception, we have developed many initiatives to encourage the international creation of new music, commissioning and world-premièring pieces by: Kevin Juillerat (CH, 1987), Lanqing Ding (CN, 1990), Fernando Manassero (ARG, 1984) Mioko Yokohama (JAP, 1989), Dativo Tobarra (ES, 1993), Santiago Díez- Fischer (ARG, 1976), Nuño Fernández Ezquerra (ES, 1992), Jon Yu (USA-TWN, 1988), Jaehyuck Choi (KOR, 1994), Emre Eröz (TUR, 1995), Nicolas Rouvile (BEL, 1989). Future commissions include pieces by Luis Codera Puzo (ES, 1981) and Claudia Jane Scroccaro (IT, 1984).

Aware of the necessity of helping performers and music creators to thrive in their professional career, Duo Signal has always coupled their commitment to the performance of new music with diverse pedagogical initiatives.

Duo Signal always proposes music for the inquisitive ear. Each concert has a different meaning and we adapt our repertoire with the aim of exploiting the sonic possibilities of the space and the context. We have featured from purely instrumental pieces to the expansion of the group with the addition of audiovisual elements, enthralling the audience with the myriad of possibilities residing in this duo of instruments.

Alejandro Oliván - Saxophone

Adrián Albaladejo - Trombone

Alejandro Oliván

Alejandro Oliván is a Spanish saxophonist mainly specialized in the repertoire of classical and contemporary music. For him, the opportunity to work with composers and be part of the creative process of new music is an indispensable ingredient in his career. This passion for being part of the development of contemporary music has led him to perform more than 20 premieres and to work with young and renowned composers such as Georges Aperghis, Peter Eötvös, Simon Steen Andersen, Yahir Klartag, Nadir Vassena, Alberto Arroyo, Tobias Krebs, Volker Heyn, Germán Toro Pérez, Florian Bogner, Marcelo F. Lazcano or Bethany Younge among others. As a performer, he has given concerts in countries like United States, Colombia, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Germany or Switzerland.

Alejandro, began his musical studies specializing in saxophone at the "Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Huesca" with David Ruiz. During 2010 and 2014 he studied at the "Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castilla y León" under the tutorship of Andrés Gomis. In 2014 he is admitted in the Hochschule für Musik Basel with the prestigious performer and teacher Marcus Weiss to pursue a Master in Performance which he finishes in 2016 with the highest qualifications. In 2018 she obtained a Master's degree in Music Pedagogy at the same university.

During his musical career he has been awarded numerous times in national and international competitions. Among his achievements we can highlight the 1st prize in the competition Basler Orchester Gesellschaft (CH), the 2nd prize in the Kiefer Hablitzel Music Competition (CH), the 2nd prize at the 1st International Saxophone Competition Exigentia (IT) or the 2nd prize at the 11eme Concours du Jura (CH). He has also received scholarships from different foundations such as Lyra Stiftung, Förberg-Schneider Stiftung, Doms Stiftung or Melinda Esterhazy Stiftung.

Alejandro has collaborated with important ensembles and orchestras including the Kammerorchester Basel (CH), ORCAM (ES), Lucerne Festival Academy (CH), Ensemble Collegium Novum Zürich (CH), Ensemble Aventure (DE), Ensemble Lemniscate (CH), Ensemble Zone Expérimentale (CH) or the Swiss Youth Orchestra (CH). He has also collaborated with some of the most prestigious conductors of the moment such as Simon Rattle, Peter Eötvös, Emilio Pomárico or Matthias Pintscher among others. Alejandro has participated in important contemporary music festivals like Darmstädter Ferienkurse (DE), Zeit Räume Basel (CH), Tage Neuer Musik Weimar (DE), Festival Impuls (AT), Festival Rümlingen (CH), Outear Series at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago (US), Null Point Series Buffalo (US), No hay banda series in Montreal (CA), Rainy days in Luxembourg (LU) or Early Night Concerts in Lugano (CH).

As a great enthusiast of musical pedagogy, he has taught at various conservatories and universities such as the Manhattan School of Music, Longy School of Music Boston, “Conservatorio Superior de Granada”, “Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio”, “Conservatorio Superior de Música de Albacete”, University of Medellín (Colombia), University of Cali (Colombia) or the “Conservatorio Superior de Castilla y León”.

From his interest in new music, he is a member of Duo Signal, Fx Kollektiv and Gyre ensemble. As a member of these groups, he has the opportunity to collaborate with young composers from different parts of the world developing new repertoire for these ensembles.

He is currently assistant professor of saxophone at the Hochschule für Musik Basel in the class of Professor Marcus Weiss.

Adrián Albaladejo Díaz

Adrián Albaladejo Díaz (1993, Alicante) has been living in Basel since 2015 and he is particularly involved in the contemporary music life in Switzerland and regularly works around Europe as a versatile brass player.


From 2015-2017 he studied in the master's programme Performance on Trombone and Euphonium at the Musik Akademie Basel with Mike Svoboda (trombone) and David LeClair (tuba/euphonium)


Adrián has performed with Kammerorchester Basel (CH) Opernhaus Zürich (CH), Basel Sinfonietta (CH), Les Trombone de Balè (CH), Crossing Lines Ensemble (ES), Madrid Symphony Orchestra (ES), Divertimento Ensemble (IT), IEMA-Ensemble (DE), Ensemble Courage (DE) and der gelbe klang (DE), among others, and has participated in chamber music productions at Theater Basel.


He is responsible for commissioning more than 90 compositions written for him as a soloist as well as for their premiere at renowned festivals, including Lucerne Festival (CH), Zeiträume Basel (CH), Warschauer Herbst (PL), Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), Ensems (ES), Sampler Sèries (ES), Gaudeamus Muziekweek (NL), Klangspuren Schwaz (AT), Impuls (AT), PHONOS (ES) and Tuns Contemporans Biennale für Neue Musik Graubünden (CH).


A professional enrichment for him was the personal collaboration with the composers: Mike Svoboda, Stefano Gervasoni, Salvatore Sciarrino, Sofia Gubaidulina, Franck Bedrossian, Peter Ablinger, Beat Furrer, Vinko Globokar and Nuño Fernández Ezquerra.


In 2020, he founded Duo Signal with the saxophonist Alejandro Oliván, dedicated to the exploration and diffusion of new repertoire. He is founding member of the ensemble KlangLab Ensemble Basel, which focuses on the creation of new scenic musical works through close collaboration with composers and he is a guest member of the renowned Swiss Ensemble Ö!, which is entirely dedicated to contemporary music. In the field of artistic direction and organization, he has been working for the Swiss Music Association Konzerte am Ausserberg since 2021. 

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