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Stablished in 2018 in Basel (Switzerland), Duo Signal is a chamber music group formed by the trombonist Adrián Albaladejo and the saxophonist Alejandro Oliván, with a clear commitment to the creation and diffusion of new repertoire. Both members of this duo have an extensive professional career, have performed in some of the most important contemporary music festivals of the moment and have won numerous awards at national and international festivals.


Since its inception, Duo Signal has developed several initiatives to encourage the international creation of new music. In addition to selecting specific composers, Duo Signal organises a “Call for Scores” every year which allowed them to commission to 5 composers to date, apart from discovering the music of very talented artists.


Duo Signal has commissioned and world-premiered pieces by composers such as: Santiago Díez- Fischer (ARG, 1976), Nuño Fernández Ezquerra (ESP, 1992), Jon Yu (USA-TWN, 1988), Jaehyuck Choi (KOR, 1994), Emre Eröz (TUR, 1995), Nicolas Rouvile (BEL, 1989). Future commissions include pieces by Kevin Juillerat (CH, 1987), Fernando Manassero (ARG, 1984) and Elena Mendoza (ESP, 1973).


Aware of the necessity of helping performers and music creators to thrive in their professional career, Duo Signal has always coupled their commitment to the performance of new music with diverse pedagogical initiatives.


Apart from being active teachers of their respective instruments (in the form of individual masterclasses or teaching at conservatoires) they have curated diverse pedagogical projects. As an example of the latter stands out the collaboration with the Conservatoire Supérieur of Castile and La Mancha, where they guided composers in all the stages of the creation of a piece: from giving masterclasses on advance writing for saxophone and trombone to the final performance of the composer’s pieces in concert.

Duo Signal always proposes music for the inquisitive ear. Each concert has a different meaning and they adapt their repertoire with the aim of exploiting the sonic possibilities of the space and the context. They have featured from purely instrumental pieces to the expansion of the group with the addition of audiovisual elements, enthralling the audience with the myriad of possibilities residing in this duo of instruments.

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